ReNEW YOU Workshops

There is someone by your side all the time and that is the most important relationship you can cultivate!  We are of course speaking of the relationship you have with yourself.

We understand that as REGAL women, you are not only wives, girlfriends and mothers, but you are also dreamers, go-getters and money makers!

That is why it was important that we include hands-on workshops with useful and critical information necessary for personal  & entrepreneurial growth and development.  Take some time to look over the profiles of women that are eager to encourage you in your walk as you journey on this path to a new and better you!

Workshops have limited seating and are filling up fast, reserve your space early!



Erin Dubich is a registered dietitian and licensed dietitian nutritionist in the state of Illinois and is passionate about women achieving a healthy relationship to her body by consistently making choices out of love, and not fear.  She will discuss opportunities to re-frame some common fear driven steps that women may take that prevents them from getting healthy so that they may move forward with a purified intention and create wellness for life.



Lori Klinka will discuss slowing down to enjoy life and how living life one frame at a time gives you the key to a sought after break through and the life you desire!    She will show you how living in the moment can vastly improve your personal and professional life.


As the creator and CEO of ResuMAYDAY, Lauren Milligan knows that your resume has one job – to start a conversation that leads to career advancement. If you’re looking for something better career-wise don’t miss her workshop! Please bring a copy of a current resume.

Takeshia will help you develop and ensure that tax information and preparation are done thoroughly and with integrity. Her workshop will help you discover much needed advice and assistance when developing a financial freedom plan.