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My passion for educating others began with a general love for learning as I am a self-professed life-long learner!  As an avid leaner and educator I find it unfortunate that one of the things passed over in classes offered is relationship education.   It is often something that we learn in the school of life, with the bumps and bruises to show for it.  I created the ‘REGAL Women’s Conference’ for like minded women who seek to continuously improve and grow so that they may thrive in life and relationships.  The conference will detail key fundamental and critical concepts necessary to build the foundation & scaffolding for positive and successful, long-lasting relationships.

I also know that it is important to maintain balance as busy women, therefore my goal is not just to focus solely on the external but also the inner relationship.  Your relationship with yourself, your dreams and pursuits of happiness are the most valuable keys to a fulfilling life.  I seek to reach the whole woman through workshops focused on health, vision creation and dream building and it is my hope that once you have had the REGAL Experience that you will be excited to move forward with a zeal for life and eager to pursue your passions.

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