Valencia Frazier


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As a certified professional coach, Valencia ‘The Inspirationista’ Frazier is an expert in creating peak performance for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers and sales professionals.  With an ever increasing commitment to helping people unlock their full potential, Valencia caters to her clients with forward-thinking action plans that will guide them through the process of both identifying as well as overcoming their hurdles and almost seamlessly achieving their personal goals.

For over the last 15 years, Coach Valencia’s compelling enthusiasm, compassion and personal coaching style has helped hundreds of individuals bring their dreams to life. This woman of positive influence with a heartfelt desire to help others has embraced honoring her truth – living on purpose and being a blessing to others through teaching and inspiration.  Coach Valencia is passionate about walking others through their path to self-mastery and self-fulfillment. Her mission is to help others live life with intention and purpose, tenacity and presence as they pursue making their dreams a reality.  Coach Valencia enjoys teaching, traveling, volunteering throughout her community and spending time with her loved ones.


“How has Coach Valencia inspired me? Let me count the ways…Coach Valencia inspires me through words of advice, encouragement as well as deeds.  She consistently leads by example and practices what she preaches.  When Coach Valencia meets someone that she believes will be of assistance to you, she will not hesitate to make the connection.  She inspires me to “Be Like V” by being positive, optimistic and genuine in all interactions which brings favor my way.  Coach Valencia truly has inspired me to be a better me!”

“Coach Valencia is a such godsend! With her help, I’ve gone beyond my comfort zone and relocated to a different state where I’m now the proud owner of a moving and storage company with plans to open another location in the next 90 days!”

“Coach Valencia is easy to work with as a professional coach.  Following my divorce, I found myself experiencing difficulty as I adjusted to my new normal.  When I’m second guessing as I make decisions for me and my son, Coach Valencia always finds a way to help me to see the good in my suddenly single life even when I don’t see it in myself.”